How to calculate the size for making trellis for grapes with your own hands

The history of grape breeding goes back more than two thousand years. During this long period, the plant has long ceased to be an independent wild shrub and requires human care and maintenance. Agrarian work begins at the stage of laying the plot. In particular, one of the first questions that may interest the newly minted grape grower is the optimal size of the trellis for grapes and the type of the chosen structure.

The length of grape fruit vines can reach eight meters. At the same time, given the average weight of bunches from 400 to 1200 grams, the total load on each branch can be quite significant. The plant cannot cope with this load on its own. If no action is taken, the branches will sink to the ground and, after constant contact with the soil, will eventually disappear. The way out of the situation is to build a system of support structures. In this case, the size of trellises for grapes, their type and geometry is determined individually, based on the selected variety, climatic features of the region and the composition of the soil under the vineyard.

Single plane trellis for a vineyard

Stypes of trellises for grapes

Before proceeding to the manufacture and independently select the optimal dimensions for the manufacture of trellis for grapes with their own hands, it is necessary to determine the type and variety of this design. The most popular options for vineyards of the middle strip can be called:

  • single plane vertical trellis;
  • single plane horizontal trellis;
  • double plane trellis;
  • Y-shaped trellis;
  • L-shaped trellis;
  • arch trellis;

For industrial vineyards, horizontal single plane structures are used because they are the most inexpensive and easiest to construct. However, they are able to maximize the fruiting period and significantly increase the total number of harvests per bush.

Trellises for a vineyard made of wood

For smaller plots, in summer houses and in the private sector, the choice of trellis design is more extensive. This is due to the fact that a small plantation is much easier to maintain and together with the emphasis on yield, the overall architecture and landscape design of the vineyard can be of great importance. Here bushes can be sprouted in the form of arches, canopies and other architectural elements. There are no restrictions on the size of the trellis for grapes. The only thing to pay attention to is the convenience of maintenance and cleaning. After all, in order to cut the bunches or pruning at a height of about three meters, you will need a ladder, which will need to move and rearrange.

How to choose the optimal size for trellises for grapes

The location and number of trellises is determined on the basis of one for each plant, and you can dig them both in close proximity to the grapes, and in the middle, between neighboring bushes. The distance between the supports is most often determined based on the characteristics of the variety and ranges from 1.5 to 3 meters. This will allow the branches to develop effectively, get enough sunlight. In addition, bushes arranged in this way are very convenient in everyday care, watering and pruning.

Trellis supports for vineyard trellises

The height of vineyard supports is determined based on the convenience of their maintenance and cleaning. Most often, 180-200 cm is the optimal choice for the height of the support elements of the structure. The size of the trellis for grapes directly depends on the length of the row. If your choice was a two-plane design – the first trellis is stretched at a distance of at least 40 cm from the ground, and the second at least 50 cm from the first.

When choosing materials for building the support structure, it is necessary to take into account their strength and resistance to corrosion. The materials will be constantly exposed to moisture and sharp temperature changes, so otherwise the trellises will quickly cease to fulfill their functions and become unusable.